starved rock

Wedding Excitement Part 1: The Proposal

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

As you may have seen in my past posts, I am engaged.  Invitations are in the mail, and this thing is getting real!  Our wedding is only 2 months away!

So, I thought it might be fun to take some time every once in awhile to give a little insight into the wedding prep and all that good stuff.  I figured I would start at the very beginning–the proposal.


Last November, we went on a little weekend trip with Danny’s brother and his wife, Danny’s parents, and some friends of theirs.  We went to Starved Rock State Park and stayed at the lodge there.  We got in a little late Friday night, spent some time with the family, and headed back to our rooms to prepare for the next day.


I was completely oblivious, but he told the whole family that night that he was going to pop the question.

In the morning, we ate some breakfast and prepared to go for a little bit of a hike.  In retrospect, it made sense that Danny’s sister-in-law was distracting me with arm wrestling contests, since Danny was talking to the front desk people about the best place to propose on the trails.


We headed out to the trails and did some hiking.  We ended up making a little bit of a loop, so Danny asked if I wanted to try to take a picture out on this cool ledge.


I thought my sister-in-law would be joining us, but she was hanging back.  This confused me a little, as she would typically be the first one to jump out on that ledge.  But, I shrugged it off, took the picture, and turned to head back to the steps.  Then, Danny grabbed my hand.


We were so lucky to have his family with us, so we got this amazing picture that his brother took on his phone.


The funniest part was, when I realized what was about to happen, I half-shouted, “Are you seriously doing this right now?!?”  We laugh now, but it made Danny nervous.  I really was just in disbelief, but it totally sounded like he didn’t pick a good time, haha.

For the rest of the day, we did a little more hiking, went out to lunch and dinner, and did a lot of nice celebrating with family and friends.  It was a super special day that I will never forget!

Have you ever been to Starved Rock?

Engaged/married people: Where did you get engaged?