Two Songs that are Special to Me

Hi kids!  Today seemed like a good day to pop in and almost finish that 10-day (or 10-thousand day, for me) Challenge.



This edition is two songs.  The two that popped into my head are a little lovey-dovey, so sorry in advance for the cavity you may incur from the sweetness.

1. “Don’t Stop” Slightly Stoopid

This song is admittedly not my general type of music.  But it is “our song.”  Here’s why:

One day, we were in the car, and this song came on.  Danny said,

“Oh!  This song came on the other day and made me think of you.  It’s Slightly Stoopid.”

I had never heard of this band and so took his words more like “This song made me think of you, it’s slightly stupid.”  To which, of course, my jaw dropped, and he surely got the look.  He was legit confused, until it finally hit him how I must have taken that, and he clarified that Slightly Stoopid is the name of the band.  We still laugh about that.

When I finally got the chance to actually listen to the words, it was so sweet!  For our anniversary, we actually ordered a canvas of it with the lyrics that hangs in our bedroom.  I found it here on Etsy.

2. “I Don’t Dance” Lee Brice

This song is just so sweet.  My fiance typically isn’t one to dance when we go out.  I can usually get him out there for a slow dance or two, and he will be a little more active at a wedding.  But he surely needs some help, from me or liquid courage (or probably both), haha, to really get out there.  This song makes me think of him.

Had to have fun from the chair at this wedding, haha

Had to have fun from the chair at this wedding, haha

Plus, if you didn’t watch the video up above, watch it.  And have some tissues nearby.  Ugh, awesome.

What songs are you loving right now?

Any great music videos? 


Can’ts into Cans Wednesday: I Can’t Run without Music

Sorry for the fact that my title today sounds like a True Life episode.  🙂

For a long time in the beginning of my running/fitness life, I was a slave to the music.  In fact, music was an essential.  I’m sure there were times when I didn’t go out and run if my iPod was dead.

When I started running with a friend, it wasn’t polite to have music.  I found comfort in the fact that there would be someone to talk to.  At first, it totally messed with my head.  I could hear my breathing.  Hearing your breathing all the sudden made everything seem so much more difficult.

If I was alone, though, I kept on using music.  Then, I started half marathon training and my runs got longer.  Then, one weekend on a long run, my iPod battery died.

Enter panic mode.

I almost turned around and went home.  Almost.  Then I told myself that I only had four miles left, and that wasn’t much longer than a 5K, which I had done many times without music (although I had someone to talk to, but my self-talk left that out for the time being).


So, I ran anyway.  And it was awesome.  Soon, I found myself doing all of my shorter training runs without music.

In retrospect, I think this really heightened my love of running.  Without music, my mind was free to sort through anything that was going on.  I made some of my biggest decisions while on a run, and I got a lot more in-tune with myself.

When the half marathon rolled around, I did run with music.  Same with my second.


However, for my third half, the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon, I decided to go music-free.  There were a ton of bands on the course, and the race said that music was prohibited (although I knew many people would do it anyway).  And guess what?  I PR’d by about 8 minutes!


Now, music has gone from an essential security blanket to a backup plan.  I had an audio book downloaded for the marathon, but only used it for a little while.  I’m at the point now that I prefer listening to podcasts and audiobooks over music, if I listen to anything at all.

What do you listen to while you work out?