Wedding Excitement Part 2: Decisions, Decisions

Happy Humpday, kids!  Our wedding is quickly approaching, so I thought it would be a good time to check in for another wedding fun post!

After getting engaged, as every couple probably gets to experience, we had a ton of fun.

There were lots of Facebook posts (I will probably always remember how many times Danny’s phone went off that day, haha),…


…and we came home to discover there was some cleaning needed in our house!

Thanks Mom, Ashley, and Matt

Thanks Mom, Ashley, and Matt

When the dust settled, it was time to start making some decisions.

First up, the venue.  This was probably the most stressful decision I’ve made so far.  We looked at several places, and they just didn’t feel right.  Any of the places I saw online that did feel right were much too expensive.

Then, Danny remembered a golf course a little off the beaten path (wow, apparently I am in to idioms today) that he thought we should check out.


We loved it, booked it, and brought the family to see.  It has the perfect charm, it’s not too big, and I adore the stone inside.  Danny loves the patio.


After the venue, the Pinterest addiction started, as all brides these days probably have as well, haha.

Not long after, I got the dress!  Obviously, I can’t show it just yet, but it was a great day with the moms and bridal party.



Read Part 1 of my wedding excitement, which tells the story of our engagement!

Do you have a Pinterest addiction?  What are you in to pinning these days?

Brides, what do you love about your wedding venue?


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