Product Review: A Better-for-You Protein Powder

If you read back when I discussed some of my food sensitivities (I guess “some” isn’t the right word, because there are a LOT), you know that I have a fairly limited list of options for what to eat. When I started following the FODMAP diet, I noticed right away that my stamina and intensity in my workouts dropped dramatically.

Around when I started eating of my favorite pictures of us, but I masked my hangry-ness well.  :)

Around when I started eating differently…one of my favorite pictures of us, but I masked my hangry-ness well. ūüôā

I sort of chalked the issue with my workouts up to lack of protein, or at least proper post-workout nutrition. ¬†Danny is a big protein shake kind of guy, but his protein powder had several no-no ingredients for me. ¬†Not to mention, that stuff does NOT taste, or smell, good at all. So, I did some research into more natural protein powders and came upon Nutribiotic. ¬†I decided to give their vanilla brown rice protein powder a try, and I ended up loving it! ¬†Their brand is the only protein powder I have used since I started with this one. Nutribiotic was kind enough to send me a container of my favorite stuff, along with some samples of the chocolate and mixed berry flavors! I tried the chocolate on its own mixed with almond milk in a shaker bottle. ¬†It was great! ¬†Danny is a chocolate protein powder fan, and I typically gravate toward vanilla. ¬†This chocolate flavor didn’t have that nasty synthetic flavor that I feel like many of the products like it have. ¬†I still have one more packet, and I am going to save it for when I need a chocolate fix. ¬†ūüôā I have tried both the mixed berry packets I got, but they weren’t quite as good as the vanilla and chocolate flavors. ¬†I completely chalk this one up to personal preference, though, as I typically prefer creamy flavors over fruity. I know there are a lot of protein products out there, but here is what I love about Nutribiotic that makes me stick with their products:

  • They are affordable! ¬†I just did a quick search of prices, and a 3-lb. container (aka HUGE) will run you $28. ¬†That’s a steal for the regular stuff, let alone the product made for people with allergies and sensitivities (which is no cheap thing to deal with, I must say).
  • They keep it simple. ¬†Each of the products I have mentioned have only three or four ingredients. ¬†Try finding that on some of the competitors.
  • They taste really good! ¬†None of that nasty synthetic taste.

There are some other great things to know about these products.

  • They work best when mixed with milk, not water. ¬†Maybe this one is personal preference again, but I have tried a couple of times with water and couldn’t finish. ¬†In milk, however, I am loving it!
  • The texture will require a little bit of getting used to. ¬†Since these powders are made from brown rice, they don’t dissolve completely in liquid. ¬†I never have a problem with it settling, though (maybe it’s because I chug it down too fast, haha). ¬†It’s not bad, just different. ¬†So, don’t expect the typical.
  • Ordering online is your best bet. ¬†When I’ve looked for this product in stores, I have had to pay a pretty penny. ¬†Deals online are WAY better.
  • Nutribiotic offers lots of other natural products including hair care and personal care items and vitamins/minerals.
  • Nutribiotic has excellent customer service. ¬†This quote came directly from the company: ¬†“we guarantee our products 100% and anytime that you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return them to where you bought them for a full refund, credit, or replacement. In turn, we are happy to credit the store for the product.”
Post-teaching shake

Post-teaching shake

As a little bonus, Nutribiotic shares some recipes on their website.  I will be trying the Banana Cream recipe very soon, probably tonight, haha.  I need a little break from my norm:

  • A handful or two of frozen strawberries (fresh is even better, just not as convenient)
  • A banana (frozen is better too, but I usually forget to freeze them…bananas don’t last long in our house)
  • A handful of GF oats
  • 1T vanilla protein powder
  • 1T flax seed meal
  • 1/4 c. plain Greek yogurt
  • Almond milk (as much as makes me hit the consistency I’m looking for)

Any smoothie recipe ideas to share?

Has anyone tried Nutribiotic products?

*Products were donated to me by Nutribiotic.  Photos of products are Amazon affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

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