My Yoga Clothes Shopping Spree

Happy Monday, ya’ll! I’m linking up on Katie’s Marvelous Monday today. This weekend was rather uneventful, as I was wiped out from yoga training all week. Friday, though, I made sure to have date night with my favorite guy.

Why do the pictures get all fuzzy when you flip the iPhone camera?  Grr

Why do the pictures get all fuzzy when you flip the iPhone camera? Grr

Saturday, he headed off to a bachelor party, and I was lay-zee!  I did a little blog work, read even littler of my personal trainer textbook, and read a lot of my for-fun book back in bed.  It was pretty delightful. That afternoon, I had some quality time with the sister-in-law (to be, but whatever).  She is basically the queen of shopping, so she and I went to Marshalls, as I needed some more yoga clothes badly.  Twelve hours of yoga and three classes to teach last week really wore out my fitness wardrobe! So, I thought I’d share some of my finds.  I must say, I nailed it.

Zone Training Yoga Towel: $12.99

The one I bought is lavendar.  I was going to just get by with towels from home, but the SIL convinced me that this towel was more professional.  She’s a persuasive lady.

Sweet Romeo Striped Sweater: $10 (on clearance)

Weird arm placement...

Weird arm placement…

This sweater will be the perfect cover-up when it starts getting chilly.  It can work for more than just yoga as well.  At ten bucks, I really couldn’t say no.

Balance Collection by Marika teal tank, $9.99


I LOVE this brand!  The material is such a great combination of soft and moisture wicking.  It’s so comfortable and functional.  The pattern on this one is great too.

Reebok graphic tank, $12.99

My wedding colors!

My wedding colors!

This tank is totally adorable.  I may have to hold off on it for non-workout things, as it might be too cute to put on my sweaty self.  🙂

Marika Tek capris, $14.99


These capris are this great material called sanded dri-wik.  They feel almost like a soft, cozy t-shirt, but they’re dri-wick.  I haven’t worn them in action yet, but they seem awesome.  I did goof and bought them in a size too big, but wore them to training today and they were fine.  Just a little saggy in the waist, but nothing crazy.

Balance Collection by Marika striped tank, $9.99

(The picture is not cooperating with me, so I am giving up and having you use your imagination.  :))

I’m really drawn to stripes for some reason.  So, this tank was a given.  I’m wearing it to teach HIIT tonight, so that should be a good sweat-test.  It also has a hot pink hem on the seams, which makes for a cute little pop of color.

Avia sports bra, $9.99


I was looking for a bra with thinner straps, as most of my bras are for higher-impact workouts and, therefore, have thick straps.  So, this one was the perfect price and had the perfect straps.  When I tried it on at home, it fit like a glove.  So perfectly.  Tomorrow, it will get the true yoga test, but I am confident that I will be going back on the hunt for more of these bras.  Oh yeah, it has removable pads, which I promptly took out.  But they’re there if you want them.

Reebok Yoga Tank, $12.99


I think this one is pretty self explanatory.  I wore this one for adjustments/modifications class after practice.  The knot in the back was a little tricky at times.  So, it might be a non-yoga top.  We shall see. Aside from this awesome stuff, I bought some PJs and flip flops.  It was a pretty epic shopping experience.

What is your favorite brand of workout clothes?

If you don’t have a favorite brand, where do you buy your workout clothes from?  

*The first link is an affiliate, but all others are “normal.”  All opinions and choices are my own.*


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