Lessons from My First Week in the Fitness Industry

Happy Friday, folks!  Wow, this has been quite a week!  It’s hard to believe that just one week ago my life was completely different.

Pre-Saturday changes...

Pre-Saturday changes…

If you have been following along this week, I started a yoga teacher training program sort of out of the blue last weekend.

The instructor for my class had me pick up both of her Ashtanga Yoga classes this week.  I also taught my first HIIT class on Monday.  It’s been a busy week, especially compared to my teacher summer (aka nothing much to do, unless you count my crazy job search) life last week.

So, I thought it would be good for me, and hopefully you too, to reflect on this big week with some things that I’ve learned and don’t want to forget.

1. I have to make a schedule plan for myself before talking schedule with any studios.

Things went really well this week, and I have been asked to be on the schedule more at both of my studios, woo hoo!  However, my schedule was starting to get to the point that I was working seven days a week.  As much as I am excited to jump in to this industry and even more excited that people want me to work for them, I have to look out for me first.  Seven days of work will bring a burn out, fast.  So, I had to make the plan with myself of what my definite “off” times will be, so I know that I can have some me/family time.

Gotta have some QT with my guy and our furbaby!  (Photo credit: Ashley Lauer Photography)

Gotta have some QT with my guy and our furbaby! (Photo credit: Ashley Lauer Photography)

2. Don’t be intimidated by the “I’m scared” look you get from people in the class.

At my HIIT class, I asked for 100 high knees.  The look on the ladies’ faces was hilarious.  Luckily, the owner had warned me of this, otherwise, I probably would have let it intimidate me.  I just threw in a little extra motivation, and they did it!

3. Being in the fitness industry means you take a lot of showers.

My sweaty self after an Ashtanga practice.

My sweaty self after an Ashtanga practice.

No explanation needed.

(And yes, I have posted my sweaty selfie twice.  Don’t be jealous.)

4. Don’t let a mistake throw you off.

Just like teaching kids, being a group fitness instructor has a big element of acting.  Sometimes, you just gotta fake it ’til you make it, so to speak.  If you start off on the wrong side, and it’s not going to hurt anyone, just go with it.  Let the mistake go, and move forward.


This is my number one biggest lesson of the week, and it will surely be something I always need to remember.  When I subbed for my yoga instructor on Tuesday, I tried to be her.  Not a good plan.  It went well for awhile, but when I ventured into her territory that I wasn’t comfortable with, things fell apart, and it got hard to pick myself up and dust myself off.

When I taught my own class last night, I went into it knowing that I had to be me and do what I was comfortable with.  Moreover, I put my own personality into my class.  Yoga can get serious sometimes, but I like to laugh and have fun.  So, without interrupting the flow, I let myself be me.  I had a TON more fun when I committed to this, and I feel like I have found my groove as I move forward.

Any lessons that resonate with you?

Any lesson I missed?


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