How I Know I Did the Right Thing

Holy cow have these past couple of days been a whirlwind!

And I don't mean windy and cold like the Bruno Mars concert...

And I don’t mean windy and cold like the Bruno Mars concert…

If you stopped by the blog on Friday, you learned that I took the leap and left my teaching job to pursue a career in fitness.

This decision is one that I have been thinking about making for the past two years.  I’m the kind of girl who likes to stick in my comfort zone usually and is afraid of making mistakes, so I just couldn’t bring myself to take the leap.  When I finally did, I was waaaay more comfortable with the decision than I thought I would be.

However, this was one of those decisions where you can’t shake the what if this was a huge mistake? feeling.

I’m a big believer in signs.  Not like crazy, weird, crop-circles signs, but I believe that the universe gives you little clues sometimes to let you know that you are on the right, or wrong, path.

First sign.  On the way to our Milwaukee trip, I brought up with Danny that I didn’t know if I would be able to find a job in the timeline we had set for the plan for me to resign.  We decided that leaving is what I needed to do, and we knew that I was (am) a hard enough worker to figure something out and make it work.

...and then we stopped at a bar, haha.

…and then we stopped at a bar, haha.

The day after we got home, I got an email from a nearby yoga studio/wellness center.  The previous week, I had sent a bunch of emails to wellness centers in my surrounding area asking if they had any employment opportunities so I could get in and get my feet wet.

I met with the owner of the studio a couple of days later, and she really took me under her wing.  She has given me a ton of personal training and group fitness advice, gives me tips on classes to attend that I could really learn from, and put me on the class schedule!  I am teaching my first group fitness class, HIIT and Core Strength, tonight!

On Saturday morning, I got another email.  This one was related to a yoga teacher training program.  At first, I thought it would be a total bust.  Any yoga teacher training program I had looked into was well over $3000.  Definitely not in my budget.

However, as we played a little phone tag and finally got in touch with each other, the coordinator at this studio told me that she could put me on a work study program, in which I could do the training for only $500 and some work!  Uh, yes, please!

After I tried out the training yesterday, we sat down to talk about if I felt that the training was for me.  We also talked about my goals in the fitness profession.  And, guess what?  I am going to pitch some classes to her and will go on the class schedule as well!

Another sign that this was the right choice.  I am exhausted, but thrilled!

Thumbs up, ya'll!

Thumbs up, ya’ll!

Do you believe in signs?  Any interesting ones that you want to share?

Who has some advice for my first group fitness class tonight?  Help me out, people!  🙂



  1. Congratulations on making a big decision and knowing it is right! I am currently going under a big job shift too. Best of luck!

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