The Best Time of Day to Exercise

On a run the other day, I got to thinking about the best time to exercise…at least in my world.  So, I thought I’d share my opinion with you and see if it helps you build your workouts into your day!

I LOVE to work out in the morning.  I can feel a serious difference in my workouts based on the time of day.

My ideal morning would consist of waking up (when I want to), eating some breakfast, hanging out with a cup of coffee and reading for a little while, and then getting my workout in.  Here’s why that plan works so well for me:

The little caffeine jolt definitely gives me some spark.

Patio study

There is actually some science behind this one.

“Caffeine sustains duration, maximizes effort at 85% of VO2 max in cyclists, and quickens speed in an endurance event.  Perceived exertion decreases and high-intensity efforts seem less taxing.” –ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals, pg. 196

I haven’t had the day’s events to wear me out.

I also definitely feel that exercising in the morning gives me more energy as I go about the rest of my day.

It’s beautiful outside.

love exercising outside.  In the morning, there is just a different, calming feeling outside.  Not to mention the fact that it is much cooler if you are heading outside in the summer.

I should just find a way to put this sunrise in every post so I can keep looking at it.  :)

I should just find a way to put this sunrise in every post so I can keep looking at it. 🙂

It can become a comforting step in a morning routine.

We all know how a crazy day can get in the way of a planned afternoon/evening workout.  Sticking with mornings can build in a nice feeling in your routine.  Plus, it’s great to go about the rest of your day knowing that your workout is done.

Of course, I have the luxury right now of being able to exercise in the morning.  Life gets in the way of our ideal schedule at times, but this is what works for me and the way I plan when my schedule allows it.

Side note: Happy birthday to my beautiful sister, Ashley!  Love you!

Amy Ashley

What is YOUR favorite time of day to exercise?



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