Six Places

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been following along, Friday’s have become a bit of a survey-ish routine.  Today is no different.  On to the next step of the 10-day (or, for me, waaaay longer) You Challenge I found on PB Fingers.

10 day you

Today’s installment is six places.  This is likely to be quite random.  You’ve been warned.  🙂

1. Starved Rock



Where we got engaged.  ‘Nuff said.

…But I’ll say more.  This state park is in central Illinois and is ranked as one of the best in America (at least so I’ve heard).  The hiking will not disappoint, and there are lots of great waterfalls.  This place will always be a special one in our hearts.  🙂

2. Peoria, Illinois

Not even sure what that building is, but it's pretty!

Not even sure what that building is, but it’s pretty!

Another central Illinois location, but this one is special on a certain day of the year.  For the past two years, I have participated in the St. Jude Peoria Run.  I run with the LaSalle-Peru group, which is a 66 mile relay-style trek running all the way to Peoria to raise money for the children at St. Jude.  On this day, Peoria seems like the greatest place in the world.

3. Willis Tower



If you are a Chicagoan, you likely know the pain I experienced from not typing “Sears Tower” for that heading.

Names aside, I finally worked up the guts to step out on “the ledge” at the Skydeck last April.  It has since been all over the news that the protective coating on the glass ledge shattered.  They say this is exactly what was supposed to happen, but you can pretty much bet the farm that this first time out on the ledge was also the last.

See, I told ya things would get random.

4. Central Park



I can’t really explain why, but I am just in love with this place.

5. Florida



Pretty much the best sunrise ever.  I could listen to the ocean all day.

6. Any restaurant with a view

Can't really see the view through our selfie

Can’t really see the view through our selfie…

Let me revise…just about any restaurant with a view.  Bonus points for being outside in good weather and being on the water.  This is pretty much my one non-negotiable activity on vacations.

Have you been to these places?

What places do I need to add to my list?






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