CICW: Finding Weight Loss Success

It’s Can’ts into Can’s Wednesday!

This week, I decided to bring in someone who inspires me- my sister, Ashley.  I am so proud of her for so many reasons, and her perseverance through her weight loss journey is one.  So, I asked her to write about it.  Enjoy!


Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley,  Amy’s sister.  She asked me to stop by and share with all of you how I turned one of my can’ts into cans.

I would like to share my journey so far on the Weight Watchers program.   With Amy’s upcoming wedding and a few other situations going on in my life, I decided in January that this new year was going to be my year; it was going to be the year I really focus on being the person I want to be, for now and my future. 

On January 17th, 2014, I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting.  Being as frugal and, in all honesty, cheap as I am, I very rarely spend money on myself, so I was hesitant to commit to this new journey.  But, alas, I stayed for the meeting and enrolled myself in the monthly program.  

The number on the scale that initial meeting was the highest I had ever seen, and I never realized I was placing blame on everything else but my weight.    Prior to deciding on weight loss I discovered a love for Zumba and Hip Hop Hustle, but I would find my lack of energy at the end of class to be a struggle, and I would blame a long day at work or being hungry.  I never blamed it on my weight, unhealthy food choices or being dehydrated.  

Before: Fall 2013

Before: Fall 2013

That was until I had lost my first 15 pounds.  

I realized on a Monday night dancing Zumba that I had done 5 jumps in a row without having to look around to see if anyone noticed I faked them, because I did NOT fake them.  I realized then how great I was feeling.  

Today I am down 35 pounds, still working towards a goal  I do not have.  The reason I do not have that goal is because I am celebrating any victory I come across.  I am celebrating  the fact I can shop with my family and friends now without having to only buy shoes because I can’t find clothing in my size, I am celebrating the fact  I have stuck with this for so long when I have never stayed with something for this long before giving up on myself.  

Spring/Summer 2014- down about 35 pounds

Spring/Summer 2014- down about 35 pounds

I look forward to my weekly meetings, and enjoy being surrounded by people who are feeling what I have felt and celebrating the victories, no matter how big or small.

While weight loss takes a tremendous amount of commitment, strength and self discipline, it is not impossible.  If you are struggling with your weight, I encourage you to look at the positives–start a journal about who you want to be, what worked and what didn’t.  Everyone is different, but find a friend or family member to help hold you accountable to your menu choices.  You can even find a fellow Weight Watcher.   What it all boils down to is finding your anchor.  Find the one (or many) things that keep you going on this path.   I have many anchors that I will not bore you with as some are extremely simple, but my main anchor is this:


This charm holder gets a lot of giggles from the men who are following the Weight Watchers program, but, for me, it is my token for hard work, the one thing that will never be taken away from me.  This is the “gift” members receive after  1 month on the program, you are given an empty key ring that you have to fill up yourself.   Each charm I already have means something, and each charm I am working towards will mean even more.  Who ever knew a hunk of metal could tell a story huh!?

 So that’s a little bit about my story on the success of weight loss.  While I still have a long road ahead, nothing seems so long when you take it one step at a time.  

Note: Weight Watchers does not work for everyone, and it is not a diet.  Weight Watchers is a life style change that allows you to eat what you want and encourages you to make smart meal choices and live an active life!  This is my story, and all opinions above are my own.

I think that is my favorite Can’ts into Cans story so far.  🙂  Thanks so much, Ashley, for sharing this.  I am so proud of you!

Have you experienced a similar journey?  Tell us about it!

Let’s give Ashley some shout-outs and extra motivation to keep up her journey! 🙂


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