Seven Wants

Happy Friday folks!  As has been my little Friday tradition these days, I am moving on with the 10 Day You Challenge (which, if you’re doing the math, is likely to take me 10 weeks, not 10 days) that I found on PB Fingers.


On the agenda for today is seven wants.  So, here we go!

1. For my fiance to move on to the next round (level?) of his long drive competition.

My fiance is quite the golfer.  This weekend, we are reading up to Milwaukee for him to participate in a long drive competition.  I’m pretty excited, because he has been so great about cheering me on in races, that I am looking forward to be able to cheer him on in something he loves.  It should be good times.

2. New running shoes

I haven’t been running as much these days due to these shin splints that I just can’t seem to fully get rid of, so I have been rocking the same shoes for nearly a year.  It’s definitely time for a some new ones.

3. To keep my dog with me forever.



Best. Dog. Ever.  Can’t imagine life without her.

4. To make the summer go slower


I can’t believe this trip was already a week ago…where is the summer going?!?

5. To write a book.

Put it on the to-do list.

6. More bike rides with my favorite guy


We will have to be talking about this later today.

7. To be truly happy

Cheesy, but isn’t that what we all want?

What do you want today?




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