A Few Days in Paradise

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent a good portion of last week on vacation in Florida.


Many of my friends from college got together to take this little trip in celebration of our 30th birthdays, which are coming up this fall.

We rented a cute little duplex in Cape Canaveral, just two blocks from the beach.  It was a great trip!

On our first day, we flew in to Orlando, so we decided to stop at Downtown Disney.  We figured we should get our little Disney fix, but didn’t want to pay for the parks and deal with the crowds.  Downtown Disney is a nice little strip of restaurants and shops with free admission!

Had to send this picture to my sister...she used to LOVE Lady and the Tramp!

Had to send this picture to my sister…she used to LOVE Lady and the Tramp!

Next, we took the 45-minute drive to Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach and got settled in the house.  Sure enough, it started raining.  So, we headed out to dinner.

I ate shark!

I ate shark!

The next day, we got up early and headed to the beach.  It was gorgeous!  We worked on looking for shells, reading, swimming, and lounging in the sun.  It was hard work.


A rainy afternoon (well, actually, they were all rainy afternoons) took us sight-seeing and in search of manatees, to no avail.

The next morning was another one spent at the beach.  The rainy afternoon was spent shopping and playing games around the house.  When, the weather finally cleared up, we walked to the Pier in Cocoa Beach for dinner and sightseeing.  We got within a foot of a huge pelican!

Our last morning started early with sunrise on the beach.



The rest of the day was spent shopping and eating out before heading to the airport for the (very bumpy, blah) trip home.

This trip was so needed and was so awesome for many reasons:

  • I got to reconnect with some people who were very important to me not so very long ago whom I have lost touch with.
  • I felt like I was totally myself and took time to appreciate the little things.
  • I didn’t care about makeup or doing my hair, because what was the point?
  • I ate amazing seafood.
  • I was able to truly relax and reflect on my life, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.  It kind of gave me a focus on what is important again.

Have you been on a great vacation lately?





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