9 Things I Love

Happy Friday!  I am officially done with the school year!  I’m so excited to really focus on some things this summer.

So, as I sit out here at my garage sale, which no one is coming to yet (cross your fingers for me!), and figured I might as well do another fun getting-to-know-you post.

10 day you

Last Friday, I wrote about 10 secrets I have.  I picked up this fun little challenge off of PB Fingers.  Today, I’m moving on to 9 loves!

1. My fiance

Photo Credit: Ashley Lauer Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Lauer Photography

Duh.  I’ll try to keep the sappiness to a minimum:  I am so lucky to be marrying the most kind-hearted man in the whole world.  🙂

2. Being outside.

Starved Rock

Starved Rock

It’s kind of surprising, because I sure went through my girly girl stage.  Lately, though, if I can sit outside, I will.

3. Interesting running events


Color Run!

Color Run!

Last summer, we did several fun runs.  We did a color run, a zombie run, and this summer we are doing a bubble run.  Can’t wait!  These events are so great because the make fitness fun.  Anyone can do them, and people are so accepting of all levels of fitness.

4. House Projects

You don’t even want to see my list of things I would love to do in my house.  Recently, I forced myself to go through my Pinterest boards and delete the house projects I know I will never do.  I love to plan them, but have a little more trouble motivating myself to get them accomplished.  🙂

5. My family.


Another duh.  I am a lucky girl to having an amazing family and a soon-to-be family of in-laws who are all so fun and supportive.  We spend most of our free time with family, and we are very lucky for that.

6. My dog, Libby


I never expected to get so much joy from an animal, but my dog is a huge light in my life.  I rescued her a couple of years ago, with the intention of getting a puppy.  I ended up getting her, the puppies’ mom, and I believe that she and I were meant to find each other.  I had never had an indoor pet before, so my connection with her really took me by surprise.

7. Trying new restaurants

At the Colts restaurant in Indianapolis

At the Colts restaurant in Indianapolis

I am highly unlikely to choose to eat out at a chain restaurant (unless its Cheesecake Factory, but that’s a given).  I love trying new, independent places.  This is my fiance and good friend on a trip to Indianapolis last summer.  It was the night before we both ran a half marathon PR.

8. Hockey


Don’t be fooled by this picture.  I sure don’t play hockey.  I think this is one of two times in life I have played outside of PE class in school.  Hockey is definitely my favorite sport to watch, though.  It’s so fast-paced and exciting.  Don’t talk to me about the Blackhawks right now, though.  I’m still in mourning.

9. Summer!

Root beer floats on the deck!

Root beer floats on the deck!

There is something about summer that is impossible not to love.  And I plan to love every minute of this one!

Any connections to one of my loves?

Tell me something YOU love!


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