My Essential to Loving My Workout

I truly love working out.  Once you get into the habit, it becomes a part of you that you just can’t miss out on.

However, we all have our moments that we just don’t feel like it.  At.  All.

In times like these, I have one essential.  Workout buddies.



My best friend Amanda (the two of us are in the picture above at the St. Jude Run) is the person who truly developed my love for fitness.  She has always been a runner, and, after a loooooong time of me refusing, she pulled me in.  Years down the road, we ran a marathon together.  Now, there are few things I look forward to as much as a weekend run with my bestie.



Working out with buddies is one of the biggest reasons I love racing.  It’s really cool to be able to work hard to achieve your own goals while surrounded by other people trying to do the same.

These days, running is not a part of my routine (well, rarely), so there are lots of other ways I work friends into my workouts to make them something to truly look forward to:

  • Interval training on the weekends with my sister.  We make sure to bring my dog out so she can get in the way support us.
  • Weight lifting with my fiance.  We made a mini-gym in our utility room.  Although we aren’t fans of each other’s workouts, sometimes just doing our own workouts nearby each other adds a little variety.
  • Kettlebell circuits with friends.  My sister-in-law, some friends, and I try to get together once a week for a group kettlebell workout in someone’s garage.  We are planning to pool together our equipment to give us tons of options.

How do you incorporate buddies into your workout?


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